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A familiar form of address in the second person singular, indiciating familiarity, possession or ownership, in the absence of the person's name.
(Synonym of 'Your' or 'Yours')
"Where's Joe's copy of PCD?"
"That pizza is Joe's"
"I'll go over to Joe's then"
by HotSurferboi23 October 26, 2006
A female's reproductive organ.
Megan wore a skirt to school and when she jumped up, i nearly saw her sween!
by HotSurferBoi23 September 05, 2006
Short for plastics; term used to describe a sterotype of females those who portay any number of the following characteristics; acting like a typical dumb-blone, talking like a cliche cheerleader, worrying about makeup, going shopping on a regular basis, spending time with other girls of such nature, priding themselves on beauty and nothing else, etc.
See the film 'Mean Girls' for a better definition of 'Plastics'
"All the plas sit together up the back of the room and just gossip through the whole lesson"
"She was acting so plas!"
"I saw all the plas shopping with that fagal today"
"She was acting so plas, i heard her say; what's infinity?"
"All the plas are so dumb"
"She started to act all plas, like it was good or something"
by HotSurferBoi23 October 26, 2006
A slang term for breasts. Can be used in reference to either gender.
Male bitty is not nice to look at.
She has nice bitty!
Those bitty are really flat...
by HotSurferBoi23 September 05, 2006
Nominative singular pronoun, used by the person when referring to himself/herself.
(Synonym of 'Me' or 'I', defined similarly).
"Ji has to go now"
"Then he told Ji to stop singing 'Buttons' and Ji was like, NO!"
by HotSurferboi23 October 26, 2006

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