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Within a warm fa├žade that blends into the museums and townhouses of Manhattan's Upper East Side, the young women of The Hewitt School are the center of an educational program that encourages independent thought and creativity. . .

BUT CUTTING TO THE CHASE, We Hewitt girls are NOT the hoes or sluts people from other private schools deem us to be. We are just as smart AND RICH AND HOT as those other dolls from Spence,Chapin,etc; and we're JUST as smart. We just know how to party better. AND, we attract the boys at all the parties =)Also, our athletics and academics are off the CHAIN.We end up being pretty successful and the MISS INDEPENDENT(s) that other all girl private schools envy.
Browning Guy:"Did you go to the party last night that The Hewitt School hosted?"
Collegiate Guy: "Hell yeah, you know those Hewitt girls party hard."

"Is that a Hewitt Girl?"
"What college does she go to?"
"I dunno. probably an ivy."

by HotHewittChick August 26, 2008

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