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I great guy who gets screwed by jackass customers over 500 dollar fees, which he gets half of in commision and no base salary. Real estate Agents hate them. See Real Estate Agents for complete rant about how much peices of crap they are.
I, Mr loan officer, made 300 bucks and forgot to charge the fee, and customer told me to go to hell and laughed. All this after a months worth of work.
by Hot redhead June 27, 2007
Moody, God Complex, Think they are intelligent due to the vast experience in technology (3 to 5 years), over weight, some exotic ones have long hair and pony tails (only transexual men have pony tails), anti social, and on the rag 24/7. Usually Grumpy. Very upset about not being able to pick up the hot girl in college, and really pissed because they dont make much money and could have spent all that time drinking in college instead of programing with the Korean exchange student 'shwang balz'
one of my engineer introduces him self as a senior research scientist and has a vast history since the very beginning of network security... and he is 27.
by Hot redhead June 27, 2007

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