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truckers delightA person or persons that exchange sexualfavores for rides. they may be found hanging at or around truck stops, road side diners or may be hitch hikers.
"I stopped in for a bite to eat at this nice little place then hit up the truck stopfor desert, had me a nice little truckers delight"

A truckers delightrange in age from very young to senior citizens.

"chocolate delight"may refer to race or willingness to have anal sex.
by Hot lettuce June 08, 2012
An alchoholic beverage. Mix 70 percent Malibu rum and 30 percent Jager, stir in 1 Tsp. orange kool-aid, drop in 2 slices of orange, serve chilled.
I can't believe you hooked up with that nasty ho last night!

I was orange turdin' all night, at least it was a chick!
by Hot Lettuce November 03, 2010
After taking a shot of Hot Damn! and chasing it with Pepto Bismol, a Hot Damn Blast is the ensuing pink, brown, and ill-flavored vomit that you will produce.
I can't believe he chased that Hot Damn with pepto bismol!

Just wait till you smell the Hot Damn Blast!
by Hot Lettuce November 03, 2010

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