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When you finish on a girls face and toss coarse kosher salt on her. A pretzel knot occurs when the hair becomes knotted with salt and jiz.
I totally gave that girl a pretzel last night.
#pretzels #auntie anne's #pretzel rod #pretzel knot #salt face
by Hot Carl Winslow January 02, 2008
When a girl dives upon your premature ejaculation to avoid it hitting her sheets. For extended fun, angle the load towards her ear so it resembles a secret service ear piece.
Dude, I was just about to pre-jac and then she dove like the Secret Service and took one for her country.
#secretservice #secret #service #premature #ejaculation
by Hot Carl Winslow January 03, 2008
On the same idea as the "gunt". The "believer" is a the bulbous area found on an obese woman between the waist and the genital area. Not quite the belly, not quite a beaver.
Awe sick! Did you see that lady's believer, thats gross!
#belly #beaver #gunt #beleaver #fat
by Hot Carl Winslow January 03, 2008
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