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Term used for both the thugs and wanna be ghetto folk to exclaim how much jewelry or money they have.
"Yo Jamal, that necklace is bling bling!!"

"Shaniuqa, that iced out necklace is bling bling."
by Hot Boyz April 08, 2003
(n.) - cheap, dirty, low, run down houses, often the "projects" of the inner-city
(adj.) - relating to the poor life, just doing what you need to survive
(adj.) middle class white kid talk for hip, cool or happening
1. It was hard, but I soon got a record deal and got my momma outta the ghetto.
2. Drinking "red" kool-aid while listening to Tupac and driving a ford with gold rims is ghetto.
3. Hey Charlie, your new American Eagle sweatshirt is soo ghetto!!
by Hot Boyz April 09, 2003

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