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its when you take cellophane and put it on your ear and then someone shits in it
I was so drunk, I even gave this one girl hot ribokas and she started crying.
by hot carl May 13, 2004
a special "blend" of pooh and hardened cum nuggets that is to be enjoyed as a snack in between rounds of sex, particularly anal. Singed pubic hairs are often added to the mixture for extra texture and flavoring in Venezuala.
Damn, your mom makes some sweet Appalachian trail mix.

I raped your mom. Then force fed her Appalachian trail mix, you dirty man.
by Hot Carl April 22, 2005
1.) the act of impregnating a woman and leaving and having no contact withthe family or child (ah I've created yet another bastardized child)
2.) when a acqaintance does something really shady ( screw that asshole and his bastardized ways)
I came up with a bastardized plan to nut in all my bosses drawers.
by hot carl November 24, 2003
The process of cleaning a stankpuss, with a vinegar and water solution. Alternate methods may be used.
whisky sour deuche
chechnyan deuche
She needs to deuche that smelly twat.
by Hot Carl May 08, 2003
A sport you take up after you find out that you are not good at frootbooting
I just cant learn lukangs so i am just going to take up bmx and destroy the coping with my pegs
by hot carl March 28, 2004
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