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* Destructive group of terrorists in Sri Lanka trying to create a dictatorship in north of the country by killing other tamil politicians.
* Group of terrorists led by Prabhakaran trying to destroy peace in the country By killing innocent ppl.
* Group of terrorists trying to be the soul representator of srilankan tamils by killing other tamil leaders Other Politicians.
* "LTTE started destruction by killing a tamil mayer"
* "The LTTE killed villegers for not obeying their order to stop harvesting"
* "The LTTE kills Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandhi"
* "Tamil MP Dougles Deva leaves LK under LTTE threats."
by Hostage July 11, 2003
To be intoxicated on alcohol to a moderatley but managably high level.
I'd hud 7 pints and then stotted up the road, steamboats, like.
by hostage March 12, 2005
Animal that frolics freely in Unserland
Theres El_Cid making sweet love to mees
by Hostage February 06, 2003
A completely insane and deadly person, should be avoided at all costs
There goes hostage flippin his cheez dick on SkRuPuPuLa
by Hostage June 16, 2003
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