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When a Male masturbates in a vigorous manner, more commonly known as jacking off. It often makes the noise fap
I was having a sleepover with that kid and he started beating the eggs because he thought i was asleep. It sounded like fap fap fap fap.
by horton McGarrity June 16, 2009
A huge bro party/beerfest in which tons of girls get "ridden".

King bros often show up to brodeos

Brodeos can involve hundreds of gallons of beer and involve massive beer pong sessions

It is said that to not play Dave Mathews at a brodeo is a legitimate sin.
"Yo bro, I'm so pumped for the brodeo tonight, I know that I could get with a couple chicks"

"Yea same, I hope I do too bra"
by Horton McGarrity May 31, 2009

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