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2 definitions by Horst Wilhelm

Swogen, or sometimes swogenleg, is the Norwegian word for a limp, but it can also refer to a clubfoot. For whatever reason, the word is now being used in Montgomery County, MD to describe guys who drop their friends for new girlfriends. Apparently, swogen is an insult in Norway, where people who appear weak are looked down upon, and it now refers to the person's character. There is a large Norway population in Montgomery County because of the embassy in Washington D.C. which, presumably, is why the word is so commonly used. Now, the forgotten friends are known as swogenhaters.
Person 1: Dude, where is Person 3?
Person 2: He's with his girlfriend tonight, dude.
Person 1: For real? What a swogen?!
by Horst Wilhelm June 26, 2006
"Odaso" is a contraction of the German words "oder" and "so" which together mean "or so." The term is most often associated with sleazy immigrants when asking for money. The term is used when asking for a firm amount, which, however, to appear polite, is followed by "odaso." The term is common among bouncers, vendors, and thugs, but is also used in ordinary situations.
walking into a bad party, once spotted by the sleazy host:
Host: Hey, what do you guys think of the party? Not bad, right? Hey, do you have $5, odaso?

ordering food from a kebab stand:
Vendor: Ok, altogether that's $4, odaso.
by Horst Wilhelm June 25, 2006