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A Scottish term for a lengthy, rampant session of charged sexual intercourse often fuelled by alcohol. Can frequently involve accidental injury to oneself or the other party as a result of drunken miss-coordination. Frequently culminates in the male becoming flaccid and frustrated before falling asleep.
Alright love, how's about we get you home and have you 'Horsed'?
by Horsing von Gam June 30, 2009
To unleash the contents of your swinging plums over a female's breasts (nipples to be specific)
Smeaton, you still seeing that bird? Yes, I hosed down her buttons last night
by Horsing von Gam June 30, 2009
A term for the male reproductive organ (penis)
Open your legs sweet cheeks, you've got a meeting with the Lunch Inspector
by Horsing von Gam June 30, 2009

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