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pulchritude means beauty, when somebody is pulchritudinous they are beautiful.
"My girlfriend Emily is the most pulchritudinous girl in the world"
by horse May 06, 2003
to smile, to grin, i like smiling :D
fat man: "hello young sir"
young sir: smiles back, "good day"
fat man: "i love you"
by horse May 06, 2003
A DIRTY OLD MAN who perves/touches/looks for younger wemon, a pedo etc.
i saw your dad havin' a perve on your little sisters friends the other day, he is a D O M
#dirty #old #man #pervert #pedo
by Horse September 24, 2005
one who indulges in large quantities of beer or lager,then eats kebabs and vomits.
fuckin beer monsters puked on my trainers the cunt.
by horse September 20, 2003
To scrunk about is to mope or to be doing something you shouldnt be. When someone is a scrunker it is supposed to mean they have done something wrong but can be used offensively.
A boy throws some litter on the ground:
result: "Oi! You little scrunker!!!"
by horse May 06, 2003
full of wind,busy framping.
hes very frampfull tonight
by horse September 20, 2003
Ploop is the sound of a cricket ball being dropped from a hight into a large tub of syrup. Just enjoy saying it over and over again, it's magical.
"ploop ploop ploop ploop ploop ploop ploop ploop ploop ploop ploop ploop ploop"
by horse May 06, 2003
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