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punk is a type of music with an attitude in it, the kind of music that says i dont give a fuck about what you think. yet a lot of bands can really have a message about how fucked up the system is and what exactly is wrong with the government. punk music sounds like sped up rock with a hard edge. but look out, there is a lot of fake bands who try to sneak in with an edge so dont let that fool you. first of all, crying about your girlfriend dumping you does not make you punk. good charlotte and fall out boy messed up big time on that so dont EVER call them punk. punk originated, or at least got the idea in 1969. no, not the mid 80s, 1969. punk just got POPULAR in the 80s thats all. there were a lot of punk bands before the 80s, such as the stooges (1969), the misfits, the clash, black flag, the sex pistols, FEAR, the adicts, the ramones, and much more. many people have been saying that punk has died out. and for all the dumbasses who say that, no it didn't. if you listen to the underground you can see that every band is still carrying it on. so if you ever wanna know how things are going, get your ass off those razor blades, mascara, and "my chemical romance", and figure it out.
punk bands are the adicts, ramones, UK SUBS, the misfit, FEAR, GBH, the stooges, the clash, dead kennedys, the exploited, chaos UK, aus rotten, social distortion, minor threat, discharge, subhumans, black flag, KSF, and stuff like that
by Horrorshow820 October 08, 2007
a good movie about the zephyr boys skating and skateboarding. only known now because of that Emilie dude that everyone loves so much and is so "cute". i dont like the movie for that guy. i like it for the skating and all the other cool stuff. so if you only watched the movie for that guy and the other stuff at parties that had nothing to do with what the movie was all about, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE and quit posting things about him on this site because you are officially a fake idiot. i dont mind if you post things abut other things you really like, but if you post things about movies that you only enjoy for the actors, you suck. S.U.C.K spell that out
PREPPY GIRL: OMG i so love the movie lords of... cattown! the actor who plays the blonde hair guy is so hot!

ME: shut up poser, you dont even know what lords of dogtown is about

PREPPY GIRL: yes i do! its about teenage love!!!

ME: idiot *punch*

by Horrorshow820 December 30, 2007
something geniuses studied was a bunch of bull. somehow people either believe the sun will crash into earth, aliens will land and take us over, or satan will the world. plus they have been promising since the 1900s that it will end in like the 70s, 80s, and one was SURE he meant 1999. anything happen then? why should we believe its going to happen now? its not going to happen, some scientist must have got lazy and thought it would be funny to see what what happen if he told everyone it would end in 2012. "oh, fuck science! the worlds gonna end in 2012. lets just leave and roll some doobies!". the things people will actually say to make MONEY. hope to see you all in 2013! (=
Christian: 2012 is near! the alien god will land on earth and buttrape us all! then he'll BBQ our weiners! that'll be 10 bucks.
Jesus: Shit, not again...
Satan: How embarassing!
by Horrorshow820 April 21, 2008
A pretty sick punk musician. He was apart of the New York punk scene and played at CBGB's with The Ramones and The Dead Boys. He was one of the most influential punk icons of all time and was said to have created the punk look (spiked hair, ripped/torn clothes). He left High School with a friend and played with the Heartbreakers. Then he went on to play his own music with the Voidoids. Check out the songs "The Kid With the Replaceable Head", "Blank Generation", and "Love comes in Spurts".
The Sex Pistols would probably be a jazz band if it werent for Richard Hell.
by Horrorshow820 May 09, 2008
A great reggae artist. had many great songs like "Jammin", "Stir it Up", and "One Love". His music was about freedom and spreading unity around the world. He was so cool, he even supported the punk movement of the time.
buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta:
there was a buffalo soldier in the heart of america
stolen from africa, brought to america
fighting on arrival, fighting for survival..
- Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley
by Horrorshow820 July 30, 2008
the most immiture thing to be dissing on this site. for god sakes, for all you 12 year olds out there saying "oh, the wiggles suck", grow the hell up. its a kid band for fucks sake. just like spongebob is a show for kids your age. its not like the wiggles want YOU to watch, its meant for toddlers and 10 year olds. and for the fag who posted the 2nd definition on the first page, i hope your reading this too, because you are a dumb fucker.
MIDDLE SCHOOL KID: the wiggles suck! green day all the way!
ME: dumbass
ME: hehe
by Horrorshow820 April 09, 2008
a gay TV station that acts all "punk rock" with "my chemical gas farts" and "gay charlotte" everywhere. also has bam margera in it, the biggest fucking idiot ever to have walked into the world of skateboarding. just cuz hes a good skater dosent mean he's the best. better skaters are rodney mullen, terry kennedy, daewon song, and chris haslam. plus hes like the only one who cried in jackass 2 just because he saw a cobra slithering by him. anyways, MTV pokes major ass because its what gives the stupid government its MONEY. because all america cares about is MONEY, CASH, MOOLAH, and most importantly, POWER. all thanks to MTV, its got pop punk kids all over the place at hot topic humping green day CDs. real punk is near death only because stupid USA put in MTV to brainwash faggots and it seemed most of real punk had to give up because so many people had to keep squeezing balls on dumbass MTV supporting stupid fake warped tour. luckily, punk is still alive in the underground where MTV can stop abusing it until punk rises again. MTV will rot in hell for slapping so much ass. its all MTV's fault why so many people are depressed nowadays and turning emo. man i sure cant wait til all these ball swallowing trends die out.
MTV people: ass pokes.ass spankers. wankers. america lovers. homos. gaynuts. ass mouthers. dick skins. scrotum faces. pube heads. ball pinchers. men teabaggers. chippin dales fans. butt giggles. sell outs. man whores. boner biters. spongebob headers. bear blowers. fart breathers. billie-joe toys.
by Horrorshow820 October 08, 2007
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