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A kendell is someone who is initially a bag of happy, and if popped will create a supersonic explosion that will send shockwaves for at least a 60 mile radius. A happy bag of such a magnitude can power Finland for 36 minutes.

Many Kendells develope strange obsessions for drug-addicted men. Never take a Kendell's supply of coffee, or you will suffer the divine consequences.
I heard that Kendall just went to get a panty shot and ended up watching the girl shower.
by Horoscopejunkie April 19, 2008
As it's name suggests, a Happy Bag is essentially a bag of happy. Think of the "happy" in the bag like the massive ammounts of Seratonin(the hormone that makes you happy) that is stored in your brain, and forced to be released when ecstacy is used. A popped happy bag is much like using ecstacy in this sense, as all the happy is forced to exit the bag. However a ruptured happy bag is much more deadly than ecstacy.

A happy bag of normal size, when popped, unleashes enough energy to power the country of Finland for 32 minutes. These extremely powerful blasts and shockwaves of happy explode in a radius of 60 miles. This happy is very infectious.
I heard that Waldo is really a happy bag, and he's hiding because everyone wants to pop him.
by Horoscopejunkie April 19, 2008
To scrub off Mr.Happy down there, to achieve sexual pleasure.
Once I walked in on my boyfriend polishing ol' pete with a hotdog bun.
by HoroscopeJunkie April 05, 2008
A betch bag is a happy bag turned inside out. It is like a slurpy while the happy bag is like 1000 burning suns. It is a bag of botch, and when it pops it creates a time portal that spews out inky black tears of pain and rage that resemble pieces of microwavable rice.
I called my blow-up doll a betch bag and now she isn't talking to me anymore.
by HoroscopeJunkie April 22, 2008
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