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Away At The Moment

Used in chat for away messages or however you find fit.....

(guy on aim goes on away message)

guy 1: hey, dude. you still talk to that girl?
guy 2: (away message) -aatm-
~5min later~
guy 2: back
guy 1: whats aatm?
guy 2: away at the moment you retard
guy 1: oooh right. hey bro--(gets cut off)
guy 2: hold on. brb.
guy 1: brb?? whats brb again? lol
~7min later~
guy 2. back... its means brb u stupid fuck
guy 1: o_o oh yea sorry...
guy 2: stfu your pissing me off
guy 1: whats stfu?? >_<
guy 1: dont yell at me!!!!
guy 2: your fucking gay
guy 1: *runs to the corner and cry*
guy 2: wow...faggot.....
guy 2: ttyl fag....
guy 1: hey wait...what is t---(gets cut off)
guy2: (signs off)
by Horny_Farm_Boy March 24, 2009

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