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The hottest, sexiest Bleach character alive(Well, not really alive, but you get the point.)
Captain of the 10th Division with Matsumoto Rangiku being the vice-captain.
Pretty short, like 150cm or something.
White hair with a bang in the middle of the forehead.
Full name:Hitsugaya Toushiro
Hates being called short.
Shikai(First release):Souten ni zase, Hyourinmaru(Sit upon the frozen heavens, Hyourinmaru)
Bankai(Final release):Daiguren Hyourinmaru
WOOTNESS! Hitsugaya is teh best captain in Bleach. He pwns Ichigo and Aizen.
by HornySexLover October 11, 2007
A dildo that has two ends used for simultaneous sexual pleasure. Can be used for both vaginal or anal penetration. Used between 2 vaginas, 2 asses and 1 vagina and 1 ass.
Sex is the best between two girls with a double ended dildo. Otherwise, its not complete or fair.
by HornySexLover October 09, 2007
A bitch. Gaytard.
The worst leader of australia. Ever.
Possibly(probably) kisses the butt of George Bush and/or engages in sexual activities with him. Most likely submissive to Bush and gets his dick stuck in his ass. Or mouth.
Commonly known for his big eyebrows.

Fuck him.(Not literally, unless you wish to get STDs)
The reason that John Howard is going to lose the election is that he is possibly(Probably) pregnant. His(although this questions his sexuality as males cannot have babies. Therefore we will be referring to him as It), I mean, Its child will most likely be named:Gayassbitch Bush.
This is probably used to remind him about the (wonderful) times Bush's dick was in his ass.
May Bush's dick be with you Howard. Amen.
by HornySexLover October 11, 2007

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