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When a male becomes sexually aroused, the penis fills with blood and grows to a much larger size than usual.

The erect penis sticks straight up or forward, and is much harder than it is when flaccid. An erection is very sensitive, and contact with it can cause immense pleasure.

Teenage boys tend to get erections very often and doing so is usually very embarassing in public. Therefore, they will usually make an attempt to hide the unwanted erection.
Eric watched as Kim walked up to the front of the room, her perfect ass shaking back and forth with each step she took. He felt his penis stiffen as it pressed against his black/white checker boxers.

He looked down and saw the bulge appearing in his jeans and pressed his hands down on it, trying to keep it out of sight. But the erection's contact with his jeans only caused it become harder, and he felt it force against his hands.

He struggled to keep it in his pants, but it pushed past his fingers and found its way through Eric's fly, standing up in the fresh air. His jeans and boxers dropped down to his knees as the rod continued to grow.

He gritted his teeth as it rubbed against the bottom of his desk, the head becoming coated with precum. He leaned forward to keep it out of sight, but his dick slid across the surface of the desk, giving him an intense feeling of pleasure.

He was overcome with arousal and began rubbing his cock back and forth against the desk, feeling his orgasm build up with every second. His member felt swollen and heavy as his load built up in the head.

The class gathered around him as he let out a deep moan, and his hard-on released a flow of hot white sperm that splashed against the seat in front of him. His dick bobbed up and down as a few more spurts of jizz shot out, then slumped down into Eric's lap.

He opened his eyes and looked around, embarassed beyond all belief. He stood up slowly, his boxers and jeans dropping onto the floor and placed his hands over his member, then turned to leave for the bathroom.
by HornyGuy2 July 04, 2009

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Male masturbation; a man rapidly and repeatedly rubs his hand up and down his dick until he hits orgasm.

Done when horny, when porn is plentiful, or to get rid of a boner in class.
Jason had a huge boner in science class, so he ran to the bathroom. But there were a whole bunch of other kids with their pants and boxers around their ankles and their dicks in their hands, masturbating furiously.

There were three guys at each of the urinals, one on each toilet and two more standing in front of each. There was another pair at each of the two sinks, and at least fifteen spread out across the floor. They all groaned as they shot their loads across the room.

"It's a jack off epidemic!" Jason stood wide-eyed as his dick stretched hard against the fabric. He quickly dropped his jeans and plaid boxers and began to jack himself off in the doorway.

More guys pushed against him, trying to get some privacy to jack off in. He felt three dicks strain against his back.

He felt his dick grow larger and larger as more guys pressed against his ass.

Then he woke up. He looked down at the puddle of sperm in his hand, then quickly pulled his boxers back up and laid down to sleep.
by HornyGuy2 March 03, 2009

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Underwear worn by most guys who've gone through puberty. Loose and comfortable, allowing the penis and balls to move freely, unlike briefs.

On the downside, they often cause erections to be very noticeable. An erection while wearing boxers can turn out very messy, as the soft fabric can stimulate the head of the penis when rubbed against it.
Tyler couldn't help but pop a boner as he listened to the health lesson about sex. He gritted his teeth as his hard dick pressed against the fabric of his plaid green boxers.

He unbuttoned his jeans, allowing the bulge some room to grow, but it still rubbed against the material. He let out a small moan as he shivered from the sensation of his erect member. He pushed down on his penis, trying to keep it under control, but he just stimulated the head more, causing it to brush across the boxers' leg.

He couldn't hold in his pleasure as his cock let loose a hot load of sperm. The white stream of jizz seeped through the boxers, causing a dark stain to appear on his crotch. He accidentally let go of his jeans as they fell to the floor, making his soaked boxers visible to the whole class.

The other students burst into laughter as they saw a thick river of semen slowly drip down his leg. He slumped down into his seat, his face completely red. As he moved his hands off his crotch to cover his face, his still erect member broke free of its restraints, the boxer shorts dropping down to Tyler's knees as his rod slowly shrank back down into its natural flaccid state.
by Hornyguy2 July 04, 2009

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Room in which high school kids change for gym classes. Usually contain a large open area with benches to change, along with a number of lockers, urinals and showers.

These are usually very embarassing places to be, as everyone has to strip down in front of their friends, with no place for privacy. Expect tons of pantsing and insults about one's body.

Even worse are swim class locker rooms, in which full nudity is much more common, and the showers are more likely to be used. Avoid getting random boners at all costs!
Kyle dreaded entering the school locker room. He always felt so awkward stripping in front of the other kids.

The room consisted of a largely open space with three long benches down the middle. On either side of the room were a number of lockers, and on the back wall were the urinals. In a little hall stretching out from the urinals were the showers, which consisted of ten showerheads positioned above small drains in the floor.

Kyle placed his bag on the first bench and sat down, looking around as he took off his shoes. The other two benches were pretty crowded, and there was one guy with his shorts around his ankles, humping the bench. Some other kids were laughing as they pulled on their shirts, getting up to leave for the gym.

Kyle pulled off his shirt and balled it up, then headed for the lockers on the left side of the room. There were three guys standing by these lockers. Two were shirtless, while one was just in his plaid boxers. They were arguing over something, and the one in his plaids pushed another against the locker, screaming in his face.

Kyle opened a locker and threw his shirt in, then dropped his jeans and tossed them in too. He felt horribly exposed in his boxer briefs, and went back across the room to the urinals.
by Hornyguy2 November 10, 2009

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The most embarassing part of high school gym classes. In these rooms, kids strip in public in order to change for class.

Be prepared for kids who don't know how to use towels, as you may be getting an eyeful of your friends' dicks in these rooms. Also try to preserve your own modesty and avoid getting a boner at all costs!

Shower rooms usually contain large open areas with benches to sit on, a few urinals and of course, showers. OPEN showers with the heads way too close together, so you have to stand as close to your nude classmates as possible while getting soaped up.
Kyle stopped in front of the one free urinal and let his dick out of the opening in his boxer briefs. He let out a stream of piss as he turned his eyes to the guys next to him. The guy to his left was wearing a muscle shirt and shorts, and had his waistband stretched downward to let his member free. The kid to his right was also in just his boxers and from the little Kyle could make out, had a pretty big package.

As his stream finished up, Kyle shook his member a little bit and put it back away. He started to walk back to the bench when he tripped on a nearby bag and slid toward the shower room. He smacked his head into the wall and felt himself become soaked by the closest showerhead.

The kids showering angrily turned toward him and grabbed him by the shoulders. He yelled about how Kyle was invading his privacy and must have been a homo, and Kyle tried to pull away. He felt his stomach urn as he realized the warmth of the water had gotten him hard, and his cock pressed against the front of his boxer briefs.

Some nearby kids grabbed him behind and pushed him toward the exit, laughing and calling him a fag as they tossed him out of the locker room, into the gym. He blushed furiously as the girls all turned to see him in his soaked boxer briefs, trying to hide an obvious boner.

Then he lost all feeling when he felt two hand grab his waistband from behind and drag his only piece of clothing to his feet. He could feel a breeze blow past his cock.
by Hornyguy2 November 10, 2009

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Slang for being sexually aroused;

1. having an huge hardened penis and the urge to jack onself off or fuck a girl.

2. having a wet, dripping pussy and the urge to finger oneself or put something big in your vagina.
1. Rob was feeling so horny in english, that he whipped out his dick and started jacking himself off. Eric got up to try and stop him, but Rob just tore off his pants and started pumping Eric's penis too.
He rubbed their dicks together and eventually they came all over each other. Once Rob was satisfied, he put his cock away and continued taking notes.

2. Kim was so horny that she was dripping juices all over her chair. She fingered herself then took a big vibrator and put it in. Rob heard her moan and stuffed his cock inside her causing them both to cum until they were no longer horny.
by HornyGuy2 March 01, 2009

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