2 definitions by Horndog69A

Just stupid,rude,people, you just want to slap some sense into.
Jackass drivers! Jackass people who are employed all over the world,that don't give a crap if they do a good job or not just as long as they get their $7.25 an hour! Rude, ignorant people in general! People that don't have the sense that God gave a stump!
Mamas don't let you babie grow up to be SPANK DILLY BASTARDS! SPANKDILLYBASTARDS !
by Horndog69A December 20, 2006
The act of fluffing ones testicles or someone fluffing ones testicles.
By physically relocating the (testis,testes)testicles and scrotum by hand to ease mild irritation and gain much comfort.
Gently grasp,or have your significant other,gently grasp your shit and move it around a little. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
That feels sooooo goood......... :)
This is fluffage ladies and he will appreciate it!
by Horndog69A December 21, 2006

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