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6 definitions by Hordak

when something is beyond uncivilized and rude
The way the Native Americans were treated by the US Government during the 1800s was barbarious
by Hordak February 28, 2008
On a windy day, it's the small tornado or vortex of street garbage that gets blown around. Usually this is found in poorer neighborhoods, where there's newspaper and trash strewn about in the streets.
I was waiting at the bus stop, and a sudden gust of wind started a poornado that blew a half eaten cheeseburger against a store window
by Hordak March 03, 2008
when a person acts sassy, as if it was second nature. usually this person is so sassy it's hard to avoid
The other day my secretary at work was way too sassical
by hordak June 19, 2007
means "broken english as a second language". Applies to a person when their English is utterly incomprehensible, even if it's not their first language.
I can't understand a word Rami is saying. He must have failed his BESL class.
by Hordak February 28, 2008
light hearted person who makes every social situation more fun. usually involved in the planning, getting people involved and even bringing the booze if necessary
That jerry is such a funbassador. he planned my bachelor party and my son's bar mitzvah!
by hordak June 19, 2007
A lady of dubious morals who persues the Dj at the bar/club.
"There's Lorraine in the dj box, She's such a Jockey Slut"
by Hordak June 02, 2007