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Used by those who forget the word "alphabetical" and assume that seeing as numerical is number order, then letterical is in fact letter order
"Just put them in...err...letterical order"
by Horatio666 January 06, 2010
Can often be a twihard, twilly or twilighter. Twinites take great pride in defending all things Twilight and related to Twilight.

A twinite often has a great knowledge of Twilight to draw on, but is not totally obsessed (unlike twihards). A twinite's greatest joy is being able to put down a twilight hater with ease, thanks to their intense twilight knowledge.
Random person: "Edward's a total stalker"
Twinite: "Not true, he's protecting Bella"
Random person (unable to think of response to this ridiculous statement)
by Horatio666 November 13, 2009

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