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Rhyming slang for gurns i.e. ecstasy pills
Ring up Zaph and we'll get some C Montgomery Burns for this evening

Gobbling five C Monties last night was an error

I've got the craving for a C Montgomery
by Horatio McBull July 10, 2008
Acronym for "What the fuck else we gonna do?"

A phrase used to justify any spontaneous/fun activity with inevitably dire consequences (for example, snorting and bombing MDMA until one starts seeing the curvature of one's own eyeballs)
Person A (on a horrendous comedown) - "Why do we do this to ourselves?"

Person B - "WTFEWGD?"
by Horatio McBull July 15, 2008
A slang term for ecstasy pills
Let's get some gurns for tonight

I can't believe I got gripped with 25 gurns in my bag
by Horatio McBull June 21, 2008
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