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Used as a nickname for Microsoft Corp. (a Redmond WA-based company) commonly in alternative media with ties to opensource software.
Also commonly found as "The Vole".

Prairie voles are small rodents that live in the wild and resemble to little rats or hamsters.

See also: voleware
Source: The Inquirer - www.theinquirer.net

MICROSOFT IS scratching its head as to why no-one its taking up its mega-patch SP2 for Windows XP.
Vole had expected more than 100 million people to download the patch by now but figures indicate that only 20 million have bothered to do so.
by Horacio Lopez September 23, 2004
Software produced, developed or sold by Microsoft Corp. a Redmond WA-based software company.

The term originated as a popular response to Microsoft Corp.'s massively advertised slogan "Where do you want to go today ?". That paraphrases an old, famous automobile advertisement.

Alternative media with ties to opensource software also refer to Microsoft Corp. as "The Vole" or just "Vole".

Prairie voles are small rodents that can be found in the wild, that resemble small rats or hamsters.
from The Inquirer, www.theinquirer.net:
Microsoft offers home user security bulletins. Voleware has holeware.

from cyanide.com.au:
In short Vole has managed to corner the market and the bigger users are stuck with it.
by Horacio Lopez September 23, 2004

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