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a south carolinian hottie currently enrolled in GPC and grieving dead fish...can be found in various popular establishments. i.e. on the border, "the soccer house", and wild bill's. Has tendencies to crave string cheese sticks,triscuits, and young, athletic black men (see black planet). Familar venacular includes "you do? you don't?", "what it is ho?" and "what the fuck is poppin' shawty?"
*Girl walks by with brand new stilletos, sporting an icy IPOD, and surrounded by a posse of G status men.
Guy #1: Check that out!
Guy #2: She is so DREISH.
by Hope* January 15, 2005
an aquaintence (boy or girl) that anyone in their right mind would never, EVER in one's entire life even consider having even the SLIGHTEST notion of physical contact with. until, of course, their last hook up was an abnormally long time ago. Thus, that someone feels the technique they had previously perfected is fading, resulting in the usage of an oiler.
(and people can always tell because the people needing an oiler consult their friends before utilizing one)
2. to all you oilers out there...it doesn't mean love, ok.?

not that i speak from experience or anyshit....
Suzie: "Bobby is so gross. i cant believe he gave me his number, knowing im dating tommy"
Holly: "keep it, you might need an OILER later"

...1 breakup and 6 months later....

Suzie: "its been so long since i've kissed someone..where the hell is bobby's number?"
by Hope* December 30, 2004

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