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Fankids are children of two parents: An official character from a movie, book, show, video game, etc. and a fancharacter.

(see fanxofficial)

Fankids are usually children of hetero fanxofficial pairings (for obvious reasons) and are often flamed just as cruelly as the fanxofficial pair they come from.
I created a child, or, a "fankid", for my pairing Demyashaa, a pairing involving Demyx from Kingdom Hearts II and Ryashaa, a character I created.
by Hope, Fangirl from DeviantArt January 04, 2009
A fanxofficial is a type of pairing which involves an official character from a book, movie, show, video game or other area of fandom, and a fan-made character.

Can be hetero or homosexual (yaoi/yuri).

Sometimes refers to a more literal version of an actual fan and official pairing up.

Fanxofficial is either really, really loved or really, really hated, meaning either someone will become a good fan, or flame you silly (both has happened to myself).
Example of fanxofficial:
Hope: The other day I made up a new character.
Best friend: Oh?
Hope: Yeah. I'm pairing her up with Demyx, from Kingdom Hearts.
Best friend: What's her name?
Hope: Ryashaa.
Best friend: Oh, cool.
Hope: Yes. It's an awesome fanxofficial pairing.


Example of literal fanxofficial:
Hope: I drew me and Demyx yesterday...
Best friend: Oh, cool. Can I see?
Hope: Yeah. I really like this fanxofficial pairing... I'm such a dork.

(name used (Hope) is my own name. "Demyx" is a character from Kingdom Hearts II.)
by Hope, Fangirl from DeviantArt January 04, 2009

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