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1. Scran is a Geordie term for 'food'. Hence the existence of 'Scran Vans' outside of football stadiums and fairs. 2. A 'scran' or a 'scranner' is also a person of scruffy appearance.
1. "Haway man, lets gan get some scran like!" or 2. "Have you seen that tramp what a scran/scranner!"
by Hoozitgan?! November 08, 2003
"Zeee" i a word to be shouted at any time whatsoever for the purposes of amusement. Extra 'e's are added depending on the length of time you want to say it for.
Silence... Zeeeeeeeeee!!
by Hoozitgan?! November 08, 2003
Someone who is a complete and utter scruff.
"Have you seen that bloke... what a scrufter!"
by Hoozitgan?! November 08, 2003

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