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When a person has a penis on their fore head.
Yo bitch, Rhys You Fuck Head Your got a "wangface" bitch
by Hooza_snoza June 17, 2003
A complete Jack arse
Hay James you "Toss Bag"
by Hooza_snoza June 19, 2003
When one's shirt pocket has had a chocolate chip muffen smeared all over it.
Hay James your got a "Shit-Pocket" wang face.
by Hooza_snoza June 17, 2003
When someone has just gotten an impossiable shot in basketball.
Shooter: yep that was me Owowow
by Hooza_snoza June 17, 2003
The process of chopping of your wang and eating it with fried rice.
Hay rhys you dick you crummed(the pasted tense)your self.
by Hooza_snoza June 17, 2003

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