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When you take a member of the squad on a post-exam trip to the northern capital of debauchery and blasphemy and they are unable to control themselves to the point where no-one knows how they made it home apart from the evidence of TWO piss-stained mattresses and the bed sheets that had to be thrown out the window the next morning, despite the fact they slept right next to the bathroom. This goofy looking creting can often be found with soggy trousers and what appears to be an intentionally shaved head.
Tim 'Look over there Jimmer, that hotel seems to be waving surrender from the flagpole outside reception'
Jimmer 'Nah Tim, that's just the piss soaked bed sheets they had to throw out the window after some Baldy Pissypants stayed there last night'
by Hoora Tempah February 19, 2013

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