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The smell associated with a recently manufactured motor vehicle. The smell is usually produced by a number of plastics, glues and other treatments applied to the car during the manufacturing process of the vehicle. After a few months, the presence of the smell inside most vehicles decreases markedly thus making it a "new car smell".

Due to the presence of this smell uniquely in newly manufactured cars, there is a certain air of prestigous associated with owning a car that has a "new car smell".
Oh, I love this car, it's got a lovely new car smell. Did you purchase it recently?
by Hoody88 October 03, 2007
{noun} (1) A Mandarin (Chinese language) speaker.

(2) The Mandarin language
Hmm, I think that guy's speaking Mando. Yeah I just heard him say "shi", he must be a Mando.
by Hoody88 October 03, 2007
Old fashioned Cantonese for "you". Often heard in Cantopop songs and operas. Most speakers these days(especially in Hong Kong) pronounce the word lei.
Nei ge mou lou ngo diu jo gaa!
by Hoody88 October 03, 2007
{adjective} Short for Mandarin (Chinese language). Often used to describe entertainment in Mandarin. i.e.: mandopop, mando movies, mando songs, mando actors, etc..

Often used in contrast with the term canto
Hey, are there any mando movies on your hard drive, or are they all in Cantonese?
by Hoody88 October 03, 2007

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