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3 definitions by HonziPonzi

Exactly as you'd think, some one whose being an asshole and a bitch at a same time
"My manager Daisy is such an asshole bitch"
by HonziPonzi November 16, 2006
To use reverse psychology in a way to get someone to do something they don't want to do, by telling them they have "no balls"
"You won't do it, NO BALLS!" is an example of no balls-ing someone.
by HonziPonzi August 02, 2007
A Gangsta Rap trio from Chicago, IL. The trio's hit song Po Pimp sold 3 million albums launching Chicago's Hip-Hop movement.
Yo nigga, u eva herd of Do or Die? They is tha most ballinst shit eva!
by HonziPonzi April 10, 2007