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A Dublin cheeseburger is simply licking a females vagina or rectum after you or another male has ejaculated into it. Made famous by Irish politicians during the Celtic Tiger. Similar to sloppy seconds.
Dave's ex is sleeping with a new guy. That new guy is getting Dave's dublin cheeseburger.
by Hontop Shanny September 21, 2010
A perverted older male who preys on young drunk women in bars. Usually poor but drives an old bmw to make himself look better.
Dave: "Joanne better watch out for that Fishin' Boo over there, he's all over her"
by Hontop Shanny February 03, 2010
A haggard looking female. Usually the unattractive friend of a girl you want to date.
Mitch: "Hey, I'm gonna go for the cute red head. you talk to her friend"
Jake: "What? i'm not getting stuck with the blargg dude, I'm talking the cute red head."
by Hontop Shanny February 03, 2010
To pull a bimzler is to fashion a completely unorthodox point out of thin air in order to win an argument.
MAN 1:"Who would win in a fight between Billy and Jared?"

MAN 2:"Well Jared has a bigger face so he wins"
MAN 1: You f*ckin Bimzler"
by Hontop Shanny February 03, 2010

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