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A Class 8 heavy commercial truck, also known as a tractor, "big rig", or "semi" (for the semi-trailers they haul).... Especially a nice, customized, or "tricked out" example of the conventional, or "long-nose" variety.
'Got my Large Car pullin' a skateboard down the superslab.
by Honor March 22, 2007
The Republican policy in US politics of taking from the poor to give to the rich.. The heart and soul of just about any Republican tax cut, initiative, or fiscal policy program.
See... We'll cut medicare, medicaid, food stamps, student loans, pell grants, welfare, social security, and grants for the arts... And we'll apply those savings to a tax break for the wealthiest 1/2% of Americans... Ta-da! Reverse Robin Hood!
by Honor December 24, 2005
Principally from the 80's.

Any one of a loose class of rock and roll bands sharing any number of similarities, but typified by long, elaborately messy, overblown hairstyles.

The implication that the hair is perhaps the most substantive thing about such a band or thier music.
See, for example: Motley Crue, Guns -n- Roses, Warrant, Stryper, etc., and to a lesser degree, Def Leppard, Bon Jovie, and so on.
by Honor July 14, 2004
A variant of "fucktard" used when the fucktard in question is a fucktard of such substantial style, grace, and magnitude that the mere common appellation "fucktard" will no longer suffice to describe him, her, or them.

Fucktard raised to a higher power, or distilled to a more refined purity.
One: Look here... It quotes this congressman as saying global warming can't be a threat because the Bible's book of Genesis promises that god won't destroy the world again. What a fucktard.
Two: No, no... That man there is a bona fide hyper-dongtastic Grand Poobah Fuquetarde.
by Honor November 19, 2010
A butch lesbian who shows a pronounced preference for other butch women.

Most probably coined because such a relationship defies the woefully myopic & grossly uninformed but no less typical "which one's the man?" question, and produces a couple that bears a resemblance, in straight eyes, to a gay male couple.
Sure, I like a little butch-on-butch action now and then, but I wouldn't say I'm a Fag Dyke.
by Honor March 14, 2005
A Guinea Pig... A vile little creature that resembles nothing so much as a rat, if that rat were designed by GM and built by AMC.
Mom: So... Would you like to get a pet?

Kid: Sure. Anything but a fat rat.

A: What -is- that smell?

B: Oh, that's my brother's fat-rats. He changes their litter about as often as he showers.
by Honor July 22, 2008
politically or in terms of pop culture: something that has potential or is going to be around a while, or "go far"
Bush handler: This reverse robin hood policy is an idea with legs... We just have to spin it right.

Failed entrepreneur: Car alarms that sing opera! Now there's an idea with legs!
by Honor December 24, 2005

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