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A sticker can be used in place of the word kiss.
I got a sticker from the cutest boy/girl ever last night!

Jenny is a great stickerer (kiss)er.
#love #bfg #kiss #jenny #sticker
by Honey Muffin April 12, 2008
BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant or Brett's favorite girl, not Big Fucking Gun. The BFG is very kind and is an amazing basketball player. This nickname is great for basketball season!
The BFG is the best girl ever and everybady should have a BFG in their life!
#big friendly giant #brett's favorite girl #loving #caring #pretty #athletic #smart
by Honey muffin March 26, 2008
Jenny is the most loving caring girl ive ever met. she kicks butt at volleyball and basketball. She is cute too! Jenny is the best girlfriend ever and everybody needs to find a jenny in their life. I don't know who said jenny can be used in place of Vagina but that is just weird and wrong!!!!!!!!
Jenny is the most loving, caring and wonderful girl I know!

Jenny should be invited to all end of the year parties from here on out!!!!!!
#loving #caring #bfg #athletic #cute
by Honey muffin March 29, 2008
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