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3 definitions by Honey Wychwood

a code word for smoking pot, usually with a bunch of friends
They're all outside taking a safety break
by Honey Wychwood April 13, 2006
Means "Under the desk" gum, UTD gum is the more nastier form of "ABC" gum, because it is found stuck to the underside of a desk.
I can't believe that he chewed the UTD gum you gave him...that is so gross! And he says is still has its flavor!
by Honey Wychwood November 18, 2006
when you are talking to someone on the cell phone and the reception goes out and all of a sudden the person that you are talking to sounds like an old mafia guy that has smoked a ton of cigarettes in his lifetime.
Hey I was talking to you and all of a sudden you got gurgly voice! Weird!
by Honey Wychwood November 05, 2006