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2 definitions by Honey Badger Bitch

When you cum in someone's ass and shove a popsicle up the anus which dams the splooge so as to force the recipient to march like a penguin to the commode.
Last night I came in Perry's ass and didn't want him to spill my seed on my bedsheet, so I made him do The March of The Penguin.
by Honey Badger Bitch January 26, 2012
When a woman is blowing a man and just as he's about to cum, the woman gives him a swift uppercut to the nads, causing him to see stars and she bellows, "To infinity and beyond! as she is avalanched in a meteor shower of splooge.
Last night, I was blowing Phil and I was still upset with him for pulling an angry pirate on me the previous evening, so I gave him a wicked blowjob and finished it off with The Buzz Lightyear. That's my Toy Story.
by Honey Badger Bitch January 26, 2012