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Better than everyone else. A role model and very great looking. Gets all the girls and Has a huge cock. His big balls will always surprise you; especially the first time. Also one who loves sweets and can party it up. He is hardcore.
I really wish I was like Douglas.
#monster in the sack #enormous #player #hardcore #too good for anyone
by Honesty<3 May 15, 2011
Extremely smart and definitely someone that you should not mess with. He will always find ways to outsmart you and he will definitely make you feel stupid. Also one who is very athletic and can usually speak multiple languages.
No one can get a better grade than shirun.
#smart #witty #athletic #polyglot #understanding
by Honesty<3 May 15, 2011
Small in size but definitely makes up for it with performance. Really wild when it gets dark. You won't stop sweating. He tends to download illegally. Obsessed with dick. He gets all the boys, girls, and dogs in the neighborhood. Enjoys peanut butter. Really good at soggy biscuit. Has good sportsmanship so when he loses, he always enjoys eating the biscuit.
I have had enough huge dicks, I'm going for performance so I'm gonna get with John.
#small #amazing in bed #fair #wild #dog lover.
by Honesty<3 May 15, 2011
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