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Meaning to love, hate and respect all at once.
Coming from the German tight rope walking entertainer of the 1800s, Delaine was adored by many, envied by most and hated by her fellow entertainers because she always stole the show - thus gaining respect as a performer.
Delaine is the essence of being able to be loved, hated and respected all at once.
Mary is the CEO of a multinational company, she rescues orphans from third world countries and has a perfect set of teeth. Gawd, can she get more Delaine?

Josef declared war on the materialistic society he once called home. Once a high earning banker, he now collects cans to clean up our streets and interact with those less fortune, his life has become so Delained.

Jesus, if you open that door to the Jehovahs one more time you'll be cruisin for a bruisin. What, do you think you're the next Delaine er something?
by HonestJuice March 16, 2009

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