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1. A person who is a huge fan of testicals
2 Really awesome testicals.
Guy: Look at her, she is such a fantestical.

Girl 1: Did you see his balls? They're awmazing!
Girl 2: I think that they're fantestical
by Honest Me January 12, 2009
Meaning that something is cool, awesome, sweet, fantastic. The equivalent of saying that something is "the shit". Not to be comfused with Fergilicious.
Dude: Do you want to go to the concert in that old warehouse?
Girl: Yeah, it's going to be sketchilicious!
by Honest Me January 12, 2009
A question that you find the answer to when you're in the middle of asking someone.
Dude: Why do they call...
Girl: Umm you going to finish that?
Dude: Nevermind, anstion
by Honest Me January 15, 2009
Also spelled Kinzi. A backstabbing, two-faced bitch who doesn't deserve to be told how shitty of a person they are. They don't deserve any decent friends.
Person 1: Yesterday she was fine but today she's being a complete bitch.
Person 2: Damn, what a Kinzie.
by Honest Me January 12, 2009
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