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4 definitions by Honest Me

1. A person who is a huge fan of testicals
2 Really awesome testicals.
Guy: Look at her, she is such a fantestical.

Girl 1: Did you see his balls? They're awmazing!
Girl 2: I think that they're fantestical
by Honest Me January 12, 2009
3 2
Meaning that something is cool, awesome, sweet, fantastic. The equivalent of saying that something is "the shit". Not to be comfused with Fergilicious.
Dude: Do you want to go to the concert in that old warehouse?
Girl: Yeah, it's going to be sketchilicious!
by Honest Me January 12, 2009
2 1
A question that you find the answer to when you're in the middle of asking someone.
Dude: Why do they call...
Girl: Umm you going to finish that?
Dude: Nevermind, anstion
by Honest Me January 15, 2009
1 1
Also spelled Kinzi. A backstabbing, two-faced bitch who doesn't deserve to be told how shitty of a person they are. They don't deserve any decent friends.
Person 1: Yesterday she was fine but today she's being a complete bitch.
Person 2: Damn, what a Kinzie.
by Honest Me January 12, 2009
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