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1. Someone with a phony doctorate.
2. Religious and politcal leader in Northern Ireland with a phony doctorate and an extremely suspect religion.
Bob: Check out my doctorate in computer science!

Adrian: Wait a minute... this is written on two sheets of toilet paper, and it's signed by you, AND you spelt your own name wrong!

Bob: It's all good!
by Honest Bob January 18, 2005
1. The feeling that one is about to explode, or having just exploded.
2. Explodey The Pup: A fictional character from an episode of Ren & Stimpy.
Leonary Nimoy: Fo, I'ma break my off my foot in yo ass.
William Shatner: Explodey!
*Shatner then explodes*
by Honest Bob January 15, 2005
A cry of frustration and anger. Number of Ns may vary depending on the level of frustration.
George Clooney: Bob, I hope you did't mind me rubbing your girlfriend's thigh.

Bob: Nnnng!
by Honest Bob January 15, 2005
Pioneering New Wave band. Emerged from the NY punk scene in the mid '70s but had a distinctly different sound influenced by funk, esp. James Brown. Later to come under the influence of producer Brian Eno, and also incorporated elements of African music into their coked-up fouth album Remain In Light. Also heavily influenced by cocaine, by the way.
Franz Ferdinand are heavily influenced by Talking Heads' masterpiece More Songs About Buildings And Food.
by honest bob January 25, 2005
Irish equivalent of 'your mother', 'yo momma', 'ya mam', etc. Generally used as wonderfully nonsensical response to a question (especially a stupid one).
Adrian: Bob, where do you want to have lunch?

Bob: Yer ma!

Adrian: Well, you sure showed me up for the idiot I am. Oh man!
by honest bob January 19, 2005
Shallow MTV plugged 'alternative' rock band, that were heavily indebted to The Cure, My Bloody Valentine and Judas Priest. As plastic as Britney Spears.
Obnoxious Thirtysomething: Hey, the Smashing Pumpkins were musical revolutionaries. Billy Corgan's a genius!

Bob: Y'mean revolutionary by the standards of Rod Stewart? Oh... um, you seem to have got overexcited, you might wanna change those trousers.

Obnoxious Thirtysomething: Wha..? And who's this My Bloody Valentine band? I've never heard them on MTV, therefore they probably don't exist.... oh, have you got a paper towel?
by honest bob March 15, 2005
1. A person who believes that members of both genders should have equal rights.
2. A woman with a pathological hatred of men, double standards, sexist views, etc. who disguises it by hiding behind the feminist ideology.
1. 'Men and women should equal opporunities in the jobs market.'

2. 'I'm deeply insecure and take it out on men because I've had bad experiences with them in the past.'
by honest bob January 19, 2005

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