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1. Noun - referring to genetically predisposed failures with large foreheads who have an irrational fear (phobia) of coherent language. Patients with this disease generally find security through lewd sexual intercourse with objects which resemble giant phalluses.

2. Verb - a spasm induced similar to that of an epilepsy, which is induced by an attempt of an autistic brain to process anything beyond 1 + 1 = 2; this type of spasm is characterized by repetition of the word "really", following rapid arm-flailing and the release of hormones, which further fuel rapid forehead growth, symptomatic of the disease described in definition 1.

3. Adverb - to dirty sanchez.

4. Adjective - an intrinsic quality of an extremely receding hairline, offset with repeated daily hair implants.
Prima - Hey Ginnie
Secunda - Sup Ginnie?
Ginnie - *epileptic fit*
by Honest Ahab October 11, 2008
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