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An American game in which the participants are mostly obese and not very intelligent.

One of the players throws the "ball". It's not even a ball. He is known as the quarterback. He is generally a pretty boy.

One runs with the ball. He is generally short and stocky and known as the running back.

A couple of guys are actually athetles, who can run for short periods of time..

Two guys kick the ball. These guys play for like 2 minutes during the whole game.

And the rest of the players basically beat each other up. They have no other skills. The sport is also known as Fatball.

At the end of their generally short careers (3 years on the average), almost 100 % of the players are physically and/or mentally disabled.
The Dallas Cowboys, also known as the Dallas Fatboys or Dalls Fatbrawls.
by Honest Abe Always May 29, 2011

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