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2 definitions by Honda Odyssey

Niall is the hottest guy from One Direction. If you ever met him, then you'll be one lucky fricken girl. He's energetic and funny and most of all- Irish <3 He's gots an amazing voice and sounds like an angel ;)
Girl 1: Man, I wish I could meet Niall Horan soooo bad!!!
Girl 2: I know right....
by Honda Odyssey June 24, 2012
793 102
Shelby will be the most amazingly awesome girl you'll ever meet. She's funny and crazy but in a good way :) shes talented at the many things she does.
Person 1: Wow Shelby is really talented....
Person 2: Ikr i wish I could do all of that...
by Honda Odyssey June 24, 2012
85 33