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13 definitions by Homie G

a girl with a perfect body and mind; down to earth; insanely gorgeous, heavenly.
Damn, Samiya is SO fucking perfect!
by homie g December 01, 2004
127 51
One bad ass Stud Muffin.
Arpan is a bad ass stud muffin who's going to kill you bitch. white power.
by homie g November 12, 2004
115 42
somethin that a true gangsta would never do...
1)"Let's go watch some gay porn."
"Homie don't play that."
by homie g April 13, 2005
87 21
A man that is never there for any important things in your life and spends his time drinking and nagging like a pregnant woman...Yes he tries to hit you too
Daddy! I'm getting married, can you go?

Hell no, can't you see tomorrow is the soccer game?

see the definition for Ana
by Homie G April 14, 2004
181 126
Origins of Jaa come from the German word Gundershind, meaning Yes.
John: Did you screw Shirley dude?
Bob: Jaa, and it was terrible.
by Homie G October 03, 2004
20 10
A highly destructive explosive that according to George Bush, was a common fixture in every Iraqi household. However, upon searching for sed weapons, they disappeared.
Dubya: The Iraqi's have WMD's!
The Rest Of The World: WMD otherwise known as Weapons of Mass Disappearance.
Dubya: Uhhhhh (pause for terrible effect) What?
by Homie G October 03, 2004
13 4
what you see is all you get
woman says to man to seduce him, probably a one night stand
by Homie G May 10, 2004
2 2