13 definitions by Homie G

Jack Shit
"I can't tell ya chonk"
by Homie G June 19, 2004
It means you're gay.
Anybody that's called A Fruit.
by Homie G August 28, 2003
A white, knock off version of "Gangsta" possibly having origins of a white, wanna be slut named Brittany. Also, refers to an object and not so much a person. No, not Spears.
That whip is so gangsturr yo!
by Homie G October 03, 2004
A trashy ass female or male that is more than glad to do everyone in da world including their own sex "doggy style"
An example of not a ho see Ana
by Homie G April 13, 2004
yo yo yo im a gangster
by homie g April 01, 2003
the whoreiest whore that ever walked the whoredom......a superwhore
Raylene is such a whore
by Homie G January 28, 2005

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