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Little gnats, bugs that you always see flying around a niggers head. Small insects that are attracted to sweat and things that stink, mostly niggers.
That nasty ass Lekeisha walked by me and had a swarm of nigger gnats flying around her head.
#nigger #bugs #gnats #sweet #insects
by Homey D September 26, 2010
A unclean butthole. Shit sticking to the walls and outer rim of the ass pipe. Another name for butthole.
After I get finished blistering this hot smelly tuna pipe, I'm gonna cram it in her ole puckered up mud tunnel.
#mud #pipe #tunnel #ass #butt
by Homey D September 17, 2010
How a nigger says mother fucker.
pronounced (mouth uh foul kuh)
(Nigger 1) What up Tyrone?
#mother #fucker #nigger #maltha #falka
by Homey D September 26, 2010
A red headed whore that loves to gobble on the knob (head of a mans cock) until he explodes in her mouth as she gobbles up the goo.
I'll take the brunette, you can have the RED HEADED KNOB GOBBLER.
#red #knob #slut #whore #gobbler
by Homey D September 17, 2010
That hot smelly, steamy, slimy spot between a woman's legs that reeks of tasty, tangy tuna.
Hey girl! When you gonna let me cram my big ole hog leg up in that stinky tuna pipe?!!!
#tuna #tunas #tuna tank #tuna basket #tuna tunnel
by Homey D August 29, 2010
What niggers call pickles because they cant say it correctly.
Hurry up maltha falka. I want two cheeseburgers with extra pilkras.
#niggers #pickles #cheeseburger #hamburger #dill
by Homey D September 26, 2010
A slang word for cum because of the appearance. Cum that is lumpy and having a egg white texture to it.
When she got done sucking me off she let me spray my translucent clam chowder on her face.
#translucent #cum #chowder #jizz #sauce
by Homey D September 17, 2010
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