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an extreme level of drunkenness, usually used to refer to females no older than their mid-20's who are completely shitfaced drunk, a young Courtney Love.
OMG, I need a drink. I'm going out and getting KeSha drunk tonight!

Did you see those chicks playing beer pong with vodka? No, them bitches is trying to get Ke$ha drunk!
#ke$ha #alcohol #drunk #shit-faced #courtney love
by Homeslice McAwesome October 07, 2010
the art of potentially increasing or decreasing the value of your trailer by adding architectural structures to the existing manufactured home. This can range from; "I didn't know this was a trailer. It looks like a house!" to "I didn't know trailers come in brick."
Here in backwoods Louisiana you can see some really interesting "trailertecture".
#trailer #white trash #redneck #building #construction
by Homeslice McAwesome August 09, 2010
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