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pot, marijuana, bud, all the same...
"yo dawg, we gonna smoke some tree saturday?"
"fo sho man"
by homes February 22, 2005
safal is a brown person who acts black
Brown person: nae yo im ballin up at LT today.
white person: dude do it later
brown person: oh SNAP gota to listen to my rap music.
white person: dude you are such a safal
by homes January 17, 2005
taking such a tremendous shit that it feels like ur asshole just blew out...
oh man, that was one explosive shit, i think i just blew an o ring..
by HoMeS March 11, 2004
A word meant to mean "No." Most commmonly used by someone who is a safal. Trying to be original and make up your own lingo but noone else finds it popular yet they still use it.
Joe: hey do you want some food?
Vihar: Naezors man
Joe: Dude ur such a safal
by homes November 23, 2004
Going extremly fast. Also means Floor it.
Yo, homes get the car we're about to gun it.
by Homes February 18, 2005
It means off the hizzy fo shizzy, but in white lingo.
Oh man, this is off the croakusapokus!
by homes July 17, 2003
a rectum taht is encountering some problems.
Oh crap, ive got a thievin rectum
by homes July 17, 2003
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