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One who always goes over the line. One who always goes too far and exercises no apparant regard for the consequences. Term was coined by Charlie Murphy on Chapelle's Show when describing the antics of Rick James.

Rick James was an habitual line stepper.

Greg owes me utilities and just had sex with my girlfriend for the third time this week. That guy is such an habitual line stepper.
by Homer MaGaha April 22, 2006
The. Greatest. Wings. Place. Ever. EV - VERRR!!!! Located in Albany, NY, Wings caters to a largely college and yuppie clientele, delivering the finest chicken wings, boneless wings, and other delicatessins in a variety of delicious flavors and quantities. Flavors range from ultra sweet to extremely spicey, while Quantities can be ordered from 1/2 pound up to 6+ pounds. The Menu is airplane themed, hence the nomenclature. The menu is expensive, making a Wings Addiction as expensive as a two-pack a day smoking habit and probably just as unhealthy.
Dude, I'm jonesin' for some Wings over Albany, but I need to save some beer money.

We're probably just going to stay in, Play Halo, smoke up, drink up, then order some wings over albany.

My friends and I ordered Three "Hanger 3s" from Wings over Albany after getting stoned.
by Homer MaGaha April 07, 2006

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