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A drink invented by Homer J. Simpson, consisting of all the white and dark liquors, plus a special ingredient: Krusty the Klown Kough Syrup lit on fire, blown out and consumed.
Hey Homer, how about another flaming moe?
by Homer J. Simpson July 09, 2004
America's wang.
The state of Florida resembles the mighty, massive dick of North America.
by Homer J. Simpson October 02, 2003
Take a shit and mold it into anything you would like!
i love my doo doo Clay!
by Homer J. Simpson October 21, 2003
A situation in which a comedian comes up with some original material (he is ast the top of the pyramid, and other fellow comedians steal the material and change it around just enough to avoid plagiarism. (they are the next level down from the top of the pyramid). The process continues, cascading in a downward direction, making the pyramid larger.
That Bastard stole my joke! Now i have to deal with another Comedy Pyramid again!
by Homer J. Simpson October 21, 2003
The "T" shaped section of a G-string or thong visible above low-rise pants.
Holy shit, would you check out the T-bone on her!!
by Homer J. Simpson August 24, 2004

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