21 definitions by Homer

One who pushes dogs.
"Look at him! That dog pusher just pushed that dog!"
by Homer September 24, 2003
aka excuses

Defrag> WTF? shit my brother been using the pc, and moved my keyboard 1cm to the left, fuckin mousemat in a different place and now my aim is like (1)player
by homer April 06, 2003
some1 who sucks the chrome
miles> up for some pork later? ;D
gideon> im not allowed pork ;(
miles> not even to smoke? ;O
by homer April 06, 2003
A pussy liquor (pussy licker)
A liquor that smells and tastes like a clean, sweet, young, hot, wet, woman/girl. (check local statutes for legal age.)
by Homer November 10, 2003
A catchall for words that one doesn't know how to spell. Interchangeable with hobocamp.
"Um, Jerri, what does V-I-C-T-O-R-Y spell?"

"Fandango...? No, hobocamp. Hobocamp!"
by Homer April 23, 2004
pain or suffering due to stupidity.
I said OUCH when I was clotheslined by the wire that I did not see until it was two feet away from me.
by Homer April 05, 2004
My girlfriends fingernails
Her nails on my nutt sack
by Homer November 10, 2003
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