21 definitions by Homer

A man waiting outside a Walmart saying "Come on honey"
Any Walmart anywhere!
by Homer November 10, 2003
n.A place that is pulled down right in front of your eyes to blind you from the real world. Part of a computer program designed to save the race of humanity.
Morpheus takes Neo and teaches him how to live in the Matrix
by Homer May 16, 2003
It is the best car
It goes fast
by Homer July 29, 2003
Cliftons phinest phood
mac's is the shit, we had it bad for munchies and cottonmouth and had-a goto
macs for sum a-dat whoop ass Zaaaaa.
Be some thick ass shit, filt me up.
by homer January 15, 2005
Any eating establishment with golden arches.
Just look down the street
by Homer November 10, 2003
Originally derived from the two words: "leathered" and "hammered".

Severe intoxication or getting drunk; a very messy state of mind to be in.
That guy is absolutely lammered
by Homer September 01, 2003
When both girlfriends don't mind doing me at the same time!
Julie and her sister!
by Homer November 10, 2003
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